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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy Commences

The CryoSauna releases liquid nitrogen vapour ranging between -120°C to -160°C,which envelops the client's body for 0.5-3 min. Thermoregulation is activated.The process is completely tolerable,yet the body interprets the extreme cold as threat to its wellbeing.The temperature receptors in the skin send this information to the brain(hypothalamus area),which responds with an attempt to restore balance.

Vasodilation Rebound Occurs

After completion of the treatment,the body reheats itself through vasodilation. The vessels and capillaries expand up to four times their normal diameter.This causes a significant increase in blood flow to the skin and extremities,enriching cells with oxygen and enzymes to a much greater degree then under normal balanced conditions.


The body's total anti-oxidative status is increased.The body achieves an improved ability to eliminate free radicals,naturalize toxins and repair cellular damage.This process can lead to a powerful anti-aging effect.

Local Cryotherapy


Local Cryotherapy is used for accelerated healing of areas such as neck,shoulders,elbows,wrists,hands,back,legs,ankles and feet.The local cryodevice produces a beam of cryogenic nitrogen gas to rapidly cool the affected areas,causing a fast decrease in swelling,pain and inflammation.The procedure is effective in acute and chronic conditions.